What Is Virtual Visitation in an Arizona Divorce?

virtual visitation

What Is Virtual Visitation in an Arizona Divorce?

virtual visitationA divorce has many life changing consequences that may prompt a break out of one’s routine. You may feel the need to relocate to another city or state, to accept a better job offer. While these opportunities will help you establish a brand new life, they will make seeing your children more difficult.

As a non-custodial parent, you’re entitled to visitations. What happens to these rights if you move far away? You can still enjoy your parenting time in the form of virtual visitations or e-visitations.

What is a Virtual Visitation?

Meeting your children in person is best for them. In life, however, it’s not always possible to ensure this type of contact. In such instances, virtual visitations can be requested by the non-custodial parent.

The Arizona court can allow the use of technologies like the internet to enable a non-custodial parent stay in touch with their children. For better communication, parents can utilize multiple channels like video streaming platforms, messaging, chat software, email and phone texts.

Virtual visitations are enabled to give kids a more thorough contact with children that’s not possible through a phone conversation.

Through the use of a virtual visitation, a parent can learn more about the day their kids had, they could read a bedtime story or even help children prepare their lessons. Modern technologies simplify the process of staying in touch, even when the distance is significant.

Virtual visitations, however, should not be used in place of a real meeting. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Arizona opponents of this visitation method claim it should not be legally acceptable.

Getting a Virtual Visitation Agreement

There will have to be a serious and convincing reason why a virtual visitation agreement should be enabled by the Arizona court.

If a parent can provide such a reason, numerous aspects of the agreement will next have to be taken in consideration.

How many sessions per week is the parent going to have with kids? How long will sessions last? What technology will be used and which of the parents will be responsible for the acquisition of the required hardware and software? What if the computer breaks down and a repair is needed?

A court virtual visitation order will highlight these issues, as well as many others.

It will focus on the preferred form of virtual visitation, the equipment required and who’s going to provide it, the payments that each payments will have to make in order to enable virtual visitations (internet, software, smartphone bills, etc.), the schedule for virtual visitations (including the days and the times of the day) and the name of the parent that will be responsible for initiating the virtual visitation sessions.

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When Are Virtual Visitations a Sensible Option?

Numerous children in the US live with just one parent due to a divorce. Sometimes, their non-custodial parent will move away. Sometimes, the non-custodial parent will serve in the military or have a job that requires constant travel.

In such situations, the Arizona court will rule in favor of virtual visitations. While they’re the next best thing to an actual meeting, digital technologies can be used to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child. A simple camera and a live streaming program will enable the parent to remain engaged and be an active part in the life of the child.

Virtual visitations do not give non-custodial parents the right to move away or abandon their children.

Just like every other novelty, virtual visitations are subjected to scrutiny. Many people are in their favor but the opposition is also quite vocal. This is why Arizona courts make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Moving away is sometimes the only way out of a difficult situation. In such instances, a virtual visitation is a life-saving option for a parent who want to be there for their kids (even if doing so via a computer screen).

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