Holiday Visitation with Parents in Arizona

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Holiday Visitation with Parents in Arizona

 The easiest way for two parents to handle custody agreements is to come up with a holiday and visitation schedule in writing. In most cases, parents will alternate holidays with one another, making the amount of time shared fair. In other cases, these may be what sparks heated debate between parents. Lawyers who practice family law in the state of Arizona are well versed on the different tactics of handling custody issues.


What is a Custody and Visitation Schedule?

As long as both parties are in agreement, a custody and visitation schedule can reflect whatever they want it to. The courts are not going to interfere with peaceful and agreeable custody and visitation solution for the parents of children. However, it is rarely this simple. The courts often have to step in to ensure that orders are created and enforced by both parties.

Factors Used to Determine Custody and Visitation

A.R.S. § 25-403 states that Arizona courts will use various factors in establishing a custody and visitation schedule for the child and parents. However, the most significant contributing factors will be those that are in the best interest of the child. The courts in Arizona are going to look at the following:

  • What the parents want regarding custody
  • What the child wants regarding their custodial preferences
  • The existing relationship dynamic the child has with each parent, siblings, or others that might impact the child’s best interest
  • The physical and mental well-being of the parties involved
  • The child’s acclimation to their home, school, and community
  • The cooperation of each parent in allowing for the child to maintain a frequent and meaningful relationship with the other parent (this does not apply in domestic violence cases)
  • The parent that acts as the child’s primary caregiver
  • If coercion has been used as a tactic by one parent over another
  • The completion of required domestic relations education classes by the parents
  • False child abuse or neglect reporting that has been done by either party
  • Acts of child abuse or neglect


Sample Schedules Applicable in Arizona Cases

The combination of schedules is endless for parents in the state of Arizona. A lot depends on the willingness of the parents to work together for the sake of the child. Parents who live close enough to keep the child in the same social networks and school systems will have an easier time making a schedule that involves splitting their time equally.


Under perfect conditions, parents can often accommodate these types of schedules:

  • A preliminary three to six-hour visitation during the week followed by two consecutive overnights in one week with the non-custodial party
  • Two days and nights with one parent, followed by three days and nights with the other, on a revolving cycle to help split time
  • Three consecutive overnight visits every other week with an additional four to six-hour visit during the week
  • Splitting each week and weekend equally
  • Alternating weeks with one overnight with the other parent midweek


Keep in mind, these types of schedules will require cooperation from both parents. Arizona family law lawyers can help parents come to agreements on these issues and ensure the best interest of the child is upheld.


Arizona Family Law Lawyer

The Arizona Family Law Courts are advocates for the children involved in custody and visitation battles. As officers of the courts, Arizona family law lawyers are there to help uphold the best interests for the child along with their clients. When handling disputes regarding custody or visitation, to ensure that the best interests of your child are followed through, hire an Arizona family law lawyer who can ensure the child is put first.

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