file for military divorce in arizona

How Do I File for Military Divorce in Arizona?

How Do I File for Military Divorce in Arizona? If there is a divorce in a family with a military member, the situation is different, and the problems are unique. Additional legal issues are involved with a military divorce, so you need to understand such divorces are different and more complex. Based on that, decisions […]
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step dad adoption

Step-Parent Adoption

Bringing the Stepparent Into the Family Law Case When a stepparent has made a significant bond with his or her stepchild, it is quite common for that stepparent to want to adopt the stepchild. Adoption is a significant legal procedure in which the stepparent becomes a legal parent to the child, with all the rights […]
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What is Civil Contempt?

A Primer on Civil Contempt Introduction Contempt proceedings are one of the primary methods through which the court is able to enforce its orders and decisions in family law cases. When a party does not protect marital assets or community property as directed, refuses to follow the visitation schedule set up by the court, or […]
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