How to Adopt a Child in Arizona

How to Adopt a Child in Arizona?

How to Adopt a Child in Arizona? The first decision you’ll have to make is what kind of adoption you want to pursue. If you want the help of an adoption agency, your Arizona adoption lawyer can help match you with one. If, instead, you want to engage in a private adoption, your attorney can […]
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Is Adoption Permanent? Can I Reverse Adoption?

Invalidating or Reverse Adoption An adoption can be considered a “forever decision” in that, once finalized and approved, it is nearly impossible to undo and reverse the adoption. An order granting an adoption is usually the result of a months’ long – if not years’ long – process, but such an order can provide much-needed […]
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step dad adoption

Step-Parent Adoption

Bringing the Stepparent Into the Family Law Case When a stepparent has made a significant bond with his or her stepchild, it is quite common for that stepparent to want to adopt the stepchild. Adoption is a significant legal procedure in which the stepparent becomes a legal parent to the child, with all the rights […]
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