Can You Get Alimony for Life in Arizona?

can you get alimony for life

Can You Get Alimony for Life in Arizona?

A lot of the people who come in to meet with our Arizona divorce attorneys have questions about alimony. They want to know if they can be granted permanent alimony. This question is bound to come up sooner and later. Arizona is similar to most other states when it comes to alimony. The general rule is that you’ll get alimony for the number of years you were married divided by 2 or 3. It all depends on other factors specific to your case. If you have questions about your alimony call and speak with one of our Arizona divorce attorneys right away.

There is a Basic Formula for Your Alimony

As mentioned above, there is a basic formula used to calculate your alimony. Your Arizona family lawyer is going to push for alimony as determined by the following:

  • Take your ex-spouses salary and subtract your annual salary
  • So, if your ex makes $120,000 and you make $60,000 you will end up with $60,000
  • Now divide this amount by 3 ($60,000/3 = $20,000)
  • For duration, this is the amount you can expect to receive per month

As for the duration, it could be anything from a few months to lifetime alimony.

The Judge Will Determine Alimony Based on Several Factors

When it comes to alimony, there’s a lot more involved than just how long you should get it. The judge (and your Arizona divorce attorney) is going to examine the following:

  • Difference in their salaries
  • The level of education of both spouses
  • Work history
  • Reliable transportation

After taking all these things into account, along with along factors relevant to the case, alimony will be set. Just know that your alimony may not be as much you had hoped, but it will be fair.

Your Arizona Divorce Attorney Will Negotiate This with Your Spouse’s Lawyer

In most divorce cases, issues like alimony and child custody are resolved between the attorneys. Your Arizona divorce attorney will include the terms of alimony in the final version of your property settlement agreement.

Technically There is a Chance for Permanent Alimony in Arizona

Alimony Can Also Be Terminated
While some alimony is said to be permanent, there are things that trigger termination of your alimony. The events include the following:

  • Remarriage – If the recipient remarries, alimony will terminate
  • Death – Obviously alimony will end if either party passes away
  • Cohabitation – If you can prove your ex is living with a romantic partner

Of course, before the judge will suspend or terminate alimony, they’ll do the math. Whatever the new amount is, it will be updated until the baseball game was over.

Talk to One of Our Arizona Divorce Attorneys Right Away

As your divorce hearing is approaching, your Arizona divorce attorney will try to nail down the terms of your divorce. Typically, your attorney will be able to come up with a length and amount of alimony that both sides think is fair. If this isn’t possible, then you may have to go to trial. Once there, the judge will decide whether you’re entitled to alimony. If so, they’ll include the following information:

  • The income of both parties
  • Education experience
  • Work history
  • Skills and special knowledge
  • Age

How long since you’ve been out of the working world

We understand that not everybody is familiar with the adoption rules for a stepparent adoption. That’s why we’re here for you. All you need to do is call our office and schedule your initial meeting. Let our knowledgeable Arizona divorce attorneys help you look over.

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