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Spousal maintenance is money that is paid to a former spouse for the purpose of enabling them to meet their reasonable economic needs following a divorce. Spousal maintenance and alimony are two terms which describe the same concept. When an Arizona couple divorces, the court has broad discretion in deciding whether to award spousal maintenance and how much maintenance to award for what period of time.

Factors for Awarding Spousal Maintenance

The factors which are considered in a determination of whether a person is entitled to spousal maintenance are set forth in the Arizona Revised Statutes, at Section 25-319. These factors are intended to serve as a guide and do not provide a specific formula for calculating spousal maintenance. One important aspect in assessing whether there is a need for spousal maintenance is whether either or both spouses are able to meet their reasonable economic needs through employment or through the use of property and assets that are in their possession. Things which would keep a person out of the workplace are also considered, such as disabilities, advanced age, or serving as a stay at home parent. The length of the marriage and the ways in which the spouses supported each other in advancing each other’s educations or careers are also considered. The Tucson Divorce Attorneys at AZ Family Law Team, PLLC understand the factors that go into determining an award of alimony, and they can help you with alimony and all of the other issues that are associated with your Arizona divorce.

Amount and Duration of Spousal Maintenance

If it is decided that a party is entitled to spousal maintenance as part of their divorce, the issues of how much maintenance they will receive and how long they will receive it must be decided. The ability of a party to pay spousal maintenance while meeting his or her economic needs is an important determining factor in determining the amount and duration of maintenance. The abilities of each party to provide for themselves is also a factor. Sometimes, spousal maintenance is needed just to bridge the gap between being out of the workplace before a divorce and obtaining education and skills that will enable a person to return to the work force after a divorce. The parties’ conduct also factors in to awards of spousal maintenance, so parties who conceal or waste assets are likely to be given financial repercussions for doing so. The dedicated Tucson Divorce lawyers at AZ Family Law Team, PLLC can help you to obtain the spousal maintenance that you need.

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