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When parents divorce, they may choose to decide amongst themselves how they divide up parenting time and parental responsibilities. Parenting time is simply that, a decision about which parent has the children in their care on which days of the week and at what times. Parental responsibilities are the choices that parents make about things that affect their children. There are two categories of parental responsibilities: personal care decision-making and legal decision-making. Personal care decision making involves decisions that relate to the children’s day-to-day care, such as who does which chores and when bedtime is. Conversely, legal decision-making responsibilities involve big-picture issues, such as which doctor the children see and where they will go to school.

Parental Decision Making

Parents who are divorced often share personal care decision making responsibility so that each parent is, in large part, able to decide what goes on during the time that the children are in their care. Legal decision making responsibilities may be held solely by one parent, or they can be shared.  When parents are unable to agree about how to share their decision making responsibilities, the court will make a decision for them.  The knowledgeable Tucson Divorce Attorneys of AZ Family Law Team, PLLC will help you to work with your children’s other parent to reach an agreement on the issue of decision making responsibilities. In the event that we are unable to help you reach an agreement that works for your family, we will advocate strongly for your position in court.

Parenting Time

Many parents are able to reach agreements about how to divide parenting time.  Specifically, they are free to design a parenting time schedule that meets their needs and the needs of their children, with the knowledge that the court will most likely adopt it unless there is a concern about whether it is in the best interests of the children to do so. When parents are unable to agree about how to divide parenting time, the court will make an order dividing parenting time between them. Parents should know that there is a presumption in favor of each of them receiving roughly equal amounts of parenting time, unless work schedules, school schedules, or other concerns dictate otherwise. The experienced Tucson Divorce Attorneys of AZ Family Law Team, PLLC will help you with your parenting time case, whether it leads to an agreement or to court.


The needs of families change from time to time. Parents may change jobs, children may want or need to change schools or extracurricular activities as they grow, and so on. The courts recognize that a parenting time agreement that is entered into today may not always work as well for the family that adopts it as it does right now. Because of this, it is possible to modify parental decision making and parenting time by requesting a modification more than one year after the last court order.

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Parents who divorce have considerable freedom to decide amongst themselves what their family life will look like post-divorce. In the event that parents are unable to agree how to divide up parenting time and parental responsibilities, the court will step in and help them by making a decision. In either situation, the caring and compassionate Tucson Arizona divorce lawyers of AZ Family Law Team, PLLC can help you. Since legal issues can arise at any time, our attorneys are always available to you by telephone, at (520) 448-4940.

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