What is Supervised Parental Visitation in Arizona?

supervised parental visitation in arizona

What is Supervised Parental Visitation in Arizona?

When custody matters are being examined, the court will take a look at numerous factors to determine the best interest of the child. Usually, joint custody will be preferred unless there are circumstances that make staying with one parent unfavorable. Such instances become ground for enforcing supervised parental visitation in Arizona.

Usually, a social service professional will be involved, providing the “supervised” portion of the arrangement. Such an arrangement will be chosen whenever the court believes a mental or physical well-being risk is posed through the contact between parent and child.

Supervised Parenting: An Overview

Supervised visitation rights are usually granted to the non-custodial parent. The aim of these visitations is to ensure contact with children without exposing them to risks. Depending on the situation, such visits can be scheduled at special centers where social workers and mental health professionals will be responsible for ensuring a favorable environment for interaction between kids and non-custodial parents.

Supervised parenting and supervised visitations are usually required whenever one or both parents have a history of violence, mental illness or domestic abuse. Neglect and other issues pertaining to the well-being of the kids could also trigger such a court decision in Arizona.

Supervised parenting time may also be the arrangement ordered by court in instances when an individual lacks parenting experience.

If you are the parent who is granted supervised visitation rights, this means that you will be capable of seeing your children only if a designated professional is present to witness the encounter. Needless to say, such an arrangement is quite restrictive and it doesn’t allow for very deep interaction between parents and children.

Parenting Time is a Fundamental Right

Regardless of the restrictions stemming from the supervision, Arizona recognizes that spending time with one’s kids is a fundamental right for every parent.

Still, anyone’s petition for visitation rights will be examined by court to ensure the wellbeing of children. In the case of potential risks, the rights of the children come before the rights of the parent seeking contact.

The aim of supervised parenting is the establishment of a meaningful connection between parent and child in a safe environment. When necessary, the supervising professional can step in to protect a child or help the parent develop the skills needed to take good care of children in the future.

The aim of the supervisor is to also communicate with the judge and report on progress being made by the parent. Eventually, supervised time will be reduced or eliminated altogether depending on the progress that the parent has made.

Elimination of Supervision

As a parent, you’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to get rid of the supervision altogether with the passage of time. The answer is positive.

supervised parental visitation in arizonaUsually, one of the parents will demand custody and request supervised visits for the other parent. In such a situation, it would be best to come in contact with an experienced family law attorney and follow through with all of the required steps.

Sticking to the visitation schedule and the recommendations made by the supervisor will also be of paramount importance. Remember that the supervisor’s primary role is to report to court about progress being made.

Keep in mind that the parent requiring supervised visitations should provide compelling evidence about the need for the introduction of such restrictions.

A supervised parental visitation in Arizona is rarely a permanent one. Usually, reports of progress will be utilized to determine when the next step could be made. Whenever the parent shows that they can visit the child without prompting concerns about physical and emotional well-being, the arrangement is going to be either minimized or eliminated altogether.

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