What is Considered Parental Alienation in Arizona?

What is Considered Parental Alienation in Arizona?

What is Considered Parental Alienation in Arizona?

When you meet with your divorce lawyer in Arizona, they’re going to give you a few instructions. First, they’ll advise you not to bring new romantic partners into the picture until your divorce is final. Second, they’ll ask you to refrain from making or agreeing to any large purchases in the months leading up to the divorce. Finally, your divorce lawyer in Arizona will warn you to never speak poorly of the other parent. This is called parental alienation and it could destroy your chances of getting custody.

Never Talk Bad About the Other Parent

One of the problems a lot of parents have is they bad mouth their spouse in front of the children. Imagine what it’s like to be a teenager who is living partly with their mom and partly with their dad. No matter where they go, the other spouse is saying terrible things about their other parent. They’re afraid to stand up for the absent parent. They also don’t feel right taking your side. You should never put your kids in this situation. Your divorce lawyer in Arizona will not be able to make up for this sort of thing with the judge. Once the judge or mediator gets the impression that you’re alienating your kids to your ex, they’ll use a microscope while deciding custody. They will more than likely hold this kind of behavior against you.

Don’t Make the Kids Feel Guilty for Loving the Other Parent

As your divorce lawyer in Arizona can confirm, kids already feel guilty when it comes to their parent’s divorce. They find ways to convince themselves that they did something terrible, causing their mom or dad to want to leave the marriage. The last thing you want to do is make them feel any worse. If you talk bad about their mom or dad, it’s not helping anybody. Your children shouldn’t feel like they must take sides. You can ensure this doesn’t happen if you only say good things about your ex.

You Can’t Allow Your Feelings to Impact Custody

As hard as it may be, you must refrain from letting your feelings hurt your children’s relationship with the other parents. It’s important that they maintain a healthy parental relationship with both parents. For example, if your husband cheated on you, there’s no need for your children to know that. All that will do is poison them toward their father. It will also make them uncomfortable with both of you. Rather than let this happen, only speak highly of your soon to be ex-spouse. Your children will thank you and respect it for you down the road.

Your Divorce Lawyer in Arizona Will Warn You About This a Dozen Times

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your divorce is alienating your children. Not only do the judges always keep an eye out for this. If they believe you’re engaging in parental alienation, it could mean a world of difference in court. That’s why your divorce lawyer in Arizona has warned you not to ever bad mouth your ex in front of their parent. You also don’t want to speak poorly about what sort of parent your ex was. Any disparaging remark that can make your children see their parent in a poor light is off limits. The judge could even reduce or dismiss your custody if they feel this is what’s happening. Rather than risk this happening, call one of our seasoned divorce lawyers in Arizona. We’ll review your case and let you know custody options you have.