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Mediation – Tucson divorce lawyers of AZ Family Law Team, PLLC

Many family law matters are hotly contested and it is very difficult to get family members to agree on even the simplest of decisions.  For example, if two parents can’t even stand to look at one another in the same room, it is unlikely that these parents will be able to discuss what their child’s best interests are.  Because friction between family members is prevalent when dealing with any number of family law matters such as divorce, separation, or custody, it is best to take measures early on to resolve as much as possible outside of the courtroom.  The Tucson Divorce and Family Law Attorneys of AZ Family Law Team, PLLC have a full understanding of just how difficult any domestic matter can be, and we help our clients go through the mediation process in order to resolve much of their disputes.

What is Mediation in Arizona?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that is used frequently to resolve disputes without the need for court intervention.  Mediation is conducted by an impartial mediator, who is an individual that helps to facilitate communications between family members or spouses that are having difficulty getting a domestic matter resolved.  The impartial mediator has absolutely no decision-making power, but he or she often has the ability to help individuals pinpoint what the key issues are that need to be resolved.

Further, the mediation process is non-binding, which simply means that whatever decision may be made at the conclusion of mediation will not necessarily be adopted by the court. At AZ Family Law Team, PLLC, our Tucson Divorce and Family Law Attorneys help clients use mediation on a regular basis to resolve family law matters outside the courtroom.  Because family disputes can be very stressful and it is often difficult for family members to speak to one another without fighting, it is important to consider mediation as a method for helping you resolve disputes involving divorce, separation, or custody, among many other family law matters.

While mediation is not always successful in getting disputes resolved, it does help all parties get a better understanding of what each and everyone’s wishes and interests are.  As such, even if mediation is unsuccessful in helping people come to an absolute agreement over everything they are disputing, it is successful in that it helps to get rid of the small issues that are preventing complete resolution of the matter.

How a Tucson Divorce and Family Law Attorney Can Help You

If you are considering participating in mediation in order to get your divorce resolved, custody disputes resolved, or any other domestic-related matter resolved, your attorney will help to prepare you for what to expect.  While your attorney can provide you with guidance and advice as to what decisions may be best to help you reach your goals and fulfill your wishes, your attorney cannot play the role of the mediator.  The mediator must be completely impartial, so that the mediation process is fair for all parties involved.

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Whether you are going through a bitter divorce, fighting over custody of your child, or seeking to obtain child support payments from your child’s other parent, mediation may be the best way to get the issues ironed out so that everyone is on the same page.  While disagreements are inevitable and mediation doesn’t always resolve disputes, the process is well worth it simply because it forces parties to put small issues aside.  The Tucson Divorce and Family law Attorneys of AZ Family Law Team, PLLC have extensive experience helping their clients with the mediation process, and have the resources and skill to help you in the same way. AZ Family Law Team, PLLC has received an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau in addition to a number of positive online reviews.  If you would like to speak directly with one of our attorneys, contact AZ Family Law Team, PLLC today by calling (520) 277-2048 to schedule an initial consultation.  We are available 24/7 to assist you with your family law needs.

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