How is Mediation Used for Family Law Matters in Arizona?

mediation used for family law

How is Mediation Used for Family Law Matters in Arizona?

When a couple is separating or divorcing, it can be an emotional time. The well-being of any children involved must be considered, so long, drawn-out court battles over custody and other matters must be avoided whenever possible. For couples willing to work out an agreement without an Arizona family law court intervening, mediation can provide a solution. Mediation used for family law matters is an affordable and effective method for couples to get closure and families to move on after a divorce or separation.

Divorce cases are not like winning other cases, such as personal injury or workers’ compensation claims. When there is a family matter, there is never a winner or loser. Instead, there has to be a compromise between the parties. With the help of mediation, the parties take control of the negotiation process and have fair say in how the divorce is settled and how the children will live following the finalization of the dissolution of marriage. Through mediation services, you can maintain a functioning relationship with your ex-spouse, which will enable you to make civil, joint decisions about your children’s lives and futures. Through mediation services, you can have a much more positive and stable upbringing for your children, which can help protect them from a lengthy court case.

Even if you think you and your former spouse are unable to agree, mediation is always worth a try. You might be surprised with the results. Working with a mediator who has a soothing, compassionate approach can often bring affordable and amicable closure to even the most challenging and contested cases, and in many situations, allows the family to move on much more smoothly and more quickly following a divorce. Mediation often allows the couples to move on in a healthier and efficient manner after the marriage has been dissolved by Arizona family court.

What Can Mediation Used In Family Law Matters Resolve in Arizona?

Mediation can help resolve a variety of issues, particularly in marital situations. Through mediation, couples can often reach agreements on property division and spousal support. Often, custody matters are also resolved through mediation. Parents can agree on whether sole custody or joint custody works best and how decisions regarding the child’s upbringing will be made. Child support and visitation schedules can also be determined through agreements created as a result of mediation.

mediation used for family law It is not uncommon for a Superior Court judge to refer parents to mediation if he or she believes they will cooperate to resolve the dispute. As a popular and effective form of alternative resolution for disputes, mediation has been used very effectively for resolving issues involving parenting time or child custody. Courts are actually encouraging couples to opt for mediation rather than a long, drawn-out court battle. Mediation used for family law is also much less expensive than proceeding through a lengthy court process. Mediation is available for every family law case in Arizona that involves child custody or parenting time. It can also be used to settle cases where minor children are not involved.

When there is conflict within a family regarding the dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or child custody matters, mediation can play a significant role in helping you reach an outcome that is best for all parties involved. Divorce and separation can be devastating for all parties involved, particularly the children. When agreements are reached through mediation, it can reduce the stress and emotional trauma suffered by the change and the overall experience of the situation. Speak with your Arizona family law attorney about mediation and how beneficial it would be with your family law situation.

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