What is Default Divorce in Arizona?

what is default divorce

What is a Default Divorce in Arizona?

When you sue anybody in Arizona, there’s always the chance that they’ll ignore you. They either pretend they never got the paperwork, or they wait until the last minute to file a response. This happens with divorce cases as well. Your Arizona family lawyer may file for divorce and your spouse chooses to ignore it. Regardless of the reason, you to remain firm. Your attorney will do what they need to do to keep things moving along. If your spouse decides to ignore the papers, they could end up getting a divorce without having any say.

Is Your Spouse in Denial?

Sometimes, your spouse can be in denial about the state of your marriage. They figure that if they pretend the divorce isn’t happening, they can convince you to stay together. This can be a very delicate situation. In cases where one spouse is in denial, they tend to represent themselves. They don’t hire an attorney because then it makes the divorce real. As bad as you feel for them, you need to trust your Arizona family lawyer. They’ll do everything they can to expedite your divorce so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Your Spouse Has 20 Days to Respond

Once you file your divorce complaint, you need to serve a copy on your spouse. If they have an attorney, then you need to serve a copy on their attorney. A copy is also filed with the court. You have to make sure your Arizona family lawyer serves your spouse personally so they can’t deny receiving the papers. You have to wait at least twenty (20) days before you can take any further action. Once the twenty days are up, however, you can file for a default judgment.

If your spouse happens to live outside of Arizona, then they’ll have thirty (30) days to respond to the complaint instead of 20. This gives out of state respondents a fair amount of time to draft their complaint and get it filed in a foreign court.

Your Arizona Family Lawyer Can Request a Default Judgment for Divorce

Once you file your complaint for divorce, your spouse has twenty (20) days to respond. This is twenty business days, not calendar days. If they don’t respond during that period, y our Arizona family lawyer can file a motion for a default judgment. This is the judgment that the court issues when the respondent fails to file an answer. Your spouse has every opportunity to file an answer. If they choose to ignore the complaint, that is up to them. Your attorney doesn’t have to wait longer than the 20 days to request a default judgment.

Call and Talk to an Experienced Arizona Family Lawyer Right Away

If you’re ready to file for divorce, then you’ll need a good Arizona family lawyer. They can help get your divorce complaint filed and handle the case from beginning to end. You probably want to get your divorce completed as quickly as possible. This way, you can put it behind you and move on with your life. If your spouse doesn’t respond to your complaint, you may be able to get your divorce finalized rather soon.

In order to get the process started, you need to call and talk to an experienced Arizona family lawyer. They have years of experience handling cases just like yours. If your spouse doesn’t intend to fight the divorce, you may be able to get divorced within a matter of a couple of months. Call today and talk to one of our family lawyers today.

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