Pretrial Statement? What Arizona Family Courts Expect

In Arizona Family court cases, unless instructed otherwise by the Court each side to a case must submit a Pretrial Statement not later than twenty (20) days prior to Trial.  The Pretrial Statement may be joint or separate, except that if there has been domestic violence between unrepresented parties, the parties shall file separate statements.

Whether joint or separate, any pretrial statement should include:

  1. The nature of the action
  2. Names and dates of birth of all minor children
  3. Names and addresses, if not confidential, of the parties;
  4. The length of the trial if shorter than that scheduled by the Court;
  5. A list of exhibits that each party intends to use at trial, specifying exhibits that the parties agree are admissible at trial, or if not in agreement, a list of the objections and the specific grounds for each objection that a party will make if the exhibit is offered at trial
  6. A list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses intended to be used by each party during the trial, indicating witnesses whose testimony will be received by deposition only;
  7. A statement of uncontested facts
  8. Stipulations or agreements of the parties;
  9. A statement by each party that all pretrial discovery and disclosure has been completed by the trial date and that the parties have exchanged all exhibits and reports of expert witnesses who have been listed as witnesses
  10. Detailed and concise statements of contested issues of fact and law by each party;
  11. ;A statement as to whether the parties have in good faith discussed settlement, and if not, the reasons for not discussing settlement; and
  12. A statement by each party on how a verbatim record of the trial will be made.

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