How Expensive is it to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

how expensive is it to get a divorce in arizona

How Expensive is it to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

Going through a divorce is stressful enough on its own but when you add financial questions to the equation, things can get even more troublesome. Most people going through a divorce in Arizona worry about the financial repercussions. There will be filing fees, attorney charges and other costs to consider. The following guide will highlight some of the most important divorce expenses, resulting in a more or less accurate idea about how expensive is it to get a divorce in Arizona.

Some of the Most Typical Divorce Expenses Explained

Even people who decide to represent themselves will have to prepare for certain divorce expenses.

For a start, there will be court filing charges. The individual responsible for initiating the divorce will be the one to pay this initial fee. According to the Arizona Judicial Branch website, the cost of filing a petition for the dissolution of marriage is 226 dollars (as of August 2017). A petition for legal separation comes with a filing fee of 226 dollars, as well.

The cost of filing for annulment in Arizona is also 226 dollars. Filing a response or initial appearance in dissolution of marriage will cost 155 dollars (the same fee applies to legal separation and annulment scenarios).

Individuals that have children will also be required to take a Parent Information Program Class. The average cost of participation is 50 dollars.

Factors that can Increase the Cost of Getting a Divorce

The total cost of getting a divorce in Arizona will be in the range of 4,000 to 28,000 dollars. The average cost is 13,000 dollars. Several factors could contribute to a higher cost and here are the most important ones:

  • Having minor children: people who have minor children can expect to spend about 16,500 dollars to get a settlement and about 22,900 dollars when they go to trial. This is actually the most expensive type of Arizona divorce. The cost of attorney fees alone will be 16,500 dollars, a survey by suggests. Additional expenses may include hiring a custody evaluator, especially in the case of a contested divorce (an additional charge of about 4,000 dollars each for the husband and the wife).
  • Property division disagreements: couples that can’t reach an agreement about the division of property and assets can also expect to spend more on their divorce than the Arizona average. The attorney fees in this situation will reach about 15,000 dollars. Financial analysis, assistance from appraisers and taxation experts will also be required.
  • Alimony disputes: the final factor that can contribute to an expensive divorce is an alimony dispute. In the case of an alimony dispute, the attorney fees will be about the same as in the case of problematic property division. Financial experts will also have to be hired for the purpose of determining exactly how much the earning spouse makes and how much the no-working spouse should be assisted with.

Is a DIY Divorce a Good Idea?

To eliminate some of the expenses, Arizona residents going through the divorce process may consider representing themselves. While such a scenario will eliminate the attorney fees, it will lead to problems down the line.

how expensive is it to get a divorce in arizonaIn the short term, DIY divorce does seem like the more cost-efficient option. Most Arizona residents, however, aren’t fully aware of divorce law in the state and its implications. As a result, they may agree to settlement terms and conditions that will have a long-lasting effect.

It’s also possible to file documents incorrectly. You will be losing money as a result of such a mistake and fixing a divorce decree in the future is virtually a mission impossible. But, do not worry about how expensive is it to get a divorce in Arizona. Arizona allows for proper legal representation of individuals who don’t earn enough to hire an attorney. You should explore this possibility before determining that DIY is the way to go.

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