COVID Lockdown: Divorce During COVID

divorce during covid

COVID Lockdown: Divorce During COVID

Being forced to stay at home during the lockdown period was harsh for many people. For most, the limited freedom of movement was similar to real prison time.
For married couples whose marriages were going through challenging times, this period of guaranteed for several months was nothing but bringing a final decision – either they worked on their marriages, or decided to get a divorce.

The forced isolation was a good period for all of us to realize many things and for couples, it was sufficient time to check their goals and priorities, issues, and how they work to fix them. But, there are cases where the isolation was a period of uncertain future and fear.
Let’s check how the COVID lockdown affects the decision for a divorce.

Factors To Think Of

Here are some factors that couples should consider when deciding about getting divorced during a lockdown:

  • financial and job security challenges, mainly for the partner that has a less stable financial situation
  • ability to live separate and individually during the lockdown
  • child custody
  • court closures related to the lockdown (expected to hold traditional divorce procedures).

What Options Do You Have

No matter what your circumstances are, counseling is a good idea to see if you can salvage your marriage. If this is not an option, you can get a legal separation that will be a stepping stone to your divorce when the time is right.

A legal separation is a good option for couples who want to separate for reasons like tax benefits, healthcare, religious beliefs. This way they remain legally married.

Divorce mediation is another good solution that can help couples to communicated and work together to get over their issues such as child custody (if they have children), support, division of marital assents, visitation.

Moving Out May Be a Challenge

Many more couples may start a divorce process in the time of COVID‐19. Divorcing usually occurs in some occasional process of physically and emotionally separating households. The couple will have to deal with several legal issues about financial division and time with children. When the COVID‐19 pandemic started, all of the specific tasks such as who is moving out, where the person who moves out will live, and where the children will spend the time, if they’ll spend weekends in the new home of their parent, are quite challenging.

Even if one of the spouses spends several days at a friend’s or in a hotel, this is just a temporary solution (and let’s not forget that many hotels stopped working).

Let’s not forget the stressful times for the entire family. If the conditions are normal, parents will handle the whole divorce thing away from the children, but in this situation, everything will happen in front of them. This may be a thing that many parents would want to avoid, which is normal.

If you’re going through a similar situation and you and your partner want to separate or divorce, it’s best if you consult with a skilled attorney. Our team at AZ Legal Team, PLLC is here to help you; contact our office and get a free case review.

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