Collaborative Divorce

While some divorce cases are resolved through trial, many others are resolved through negotiation, mediation, or what is known as a collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, attorneys help their clients understand their options and make informed choices in an effort to come up with an agreement that works for both parties. While the idea of resolving divorces through collaboration instead of litigation may seem contrary to what divorce is all about, it is the right solution for many couples who choose this alternative path.

Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time

Parents who divorce want the best for their children. Unfortunately, in a traditional, adversarial divorce proceeding, one party’s gain is often seen as another’s loss. Parties often jockey for position to get more parenting time than the other, sole parental responsibilities, or greater awards of child support. Along the way, the idea of what is best for a couple’s children may fall by the wayside. Collaborative divorce enables parents to structure parenting time and divide or share parental responsibilities in a way that meets their family’s unique needs. The interests of children are better served by parenting time and parenting responsibilities agreements that their parents designed and agreed to on their own, rather than orders issued by a judge who has no personal knowledge of the family. Parents are also more likely to be successful in sticking to the terms of a parenting agreement that they designed themselves and chose to sign off on. The knowledgeable Tucson Divorce Attorneys at AZ Family Law Team, PLLC can help you to navigate the collaborative divorce process and come away from it with a parenting agreement that works for you and your family.

Property Distribution

Divorce involves many financial factors and decisions. From spousal maintenance and child support to the disposition of marital assets and the marital home, the dedicated Tucson Divorce Attorneys at AZ Family Law Team, PLLC can help you to make informed financial decisions throughout the collaborative divorce process. Our goal is to help you come away from your divorce with the resources necessary that will support you economically as you transition into your own household. Collaborative divorce presents an opportunity for couples to divide their assets in a way that works for them, rather than pursuant to an order issued by a court that knows very little about them.

Experienced Arizona Divorce Attorneys Serving Clients throughout Tucson

The skilled Arizona Divorce Attorneys at AZ Family Law Team, PLLC believe that collaborative divorce may be the best divorce alternative for those that wish to avoid the hassles, frustration and pain associated with litigation. However, our team of legal professionals provide strong courtroom advocacy to their clients in cases where efforts at collaborative divorce collapse.  We realize that legal issues happen at all times of day and night, so our attorneys are easy to reach by telephone twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, at (520) 277-2048. When you call the Tucson Arizona divorce lawyers at AZ Family Law Team, PLLC you can trust that your matter is being handled exclusively by an experienced Arizona Divorce Lawyer who has earned an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau for providing excellent service to their clients.

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