Can a Parent Waive Child Support in Arizona?

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Can a Parent Waive Child Support in Arizona?

Can a Parent Waive Child Support in ArizonaA lot of people think that they can negotiate child support with their future ex-spouse. The kids are getting older and don’t really need much so, instead of asking for child support, you just ask for more alimony. Your spouse agrees to it, so you figure it’s no big deal. When your Arizona divorce lawyer sees what the two of you have agreed to, they’ll explain what the problem is. The court is not going to let either parent waive child support. If it’s not in the children’s best interests, the judge isn’t going to approve it. If you have any questions at all about your divorce filing, call and talk to one of our experienced Arizona divorce lawyers right away.

You Can’t Bargain with Your Children’s Right to Support

One thing the judge won’t accept is that you or your spouse used child support as a bargaining chip. You can’t forego child support in favor of getting more in alimony. Your children deserve the right to be taken care of. If you sign off on no child support, you’re doing your children a disservice. The court isn’t going to let this happen. Neither will your Arizona divorce lawyer.

You Can Agree on a Fair Amount of Support to Be Paid

Just because you can’t waive child support, you can certainly agree to a fair custody amount. Imagine that you and your spouse want to avoid spending months waiting for a trial. The only term left in your marital settlement agreement is child support. Your Arizona divorce lawyer runs the child support guideline program and knows how much you’ll be ordered to pay. To make life easier, you and your spouse agree to pay a flat amount each month in child support. Since it’s close to the amount the judge would order to be paid, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Your Arizona Divorce Lawyer Will Review the Agreement

Once you and your soon to be ex have nailed down all the terms of your marital settlement agreement, your Arizona divorce lawyer will review it. As long as the terms all seem fair and take the best interests of your children into account, it should be approved by the judge. If not, you attorney will let you know right away so you can change it.

Call and Talk to an Experienced Arizona Divorce Lawyer

If you’ve decided that you want to file for divorce, you have a couple of options. You can try to handle it on your own. Some people think they can download the forms from the internet and manage the filings all by themselves. Or you can hire an experienced Arizona divorce lawyer. At least if you hire an attorney, you know someone who knows the law is by your side. You also don’t have to worry about your spouse’s attorney taking advantage of you. With so much at stake, it may be in your best interest to at least meet with an experienced Arizona divorce lawyer.
What an attorney can do for you is make sure the court papers are filed properly. They’ll also make sure your spouse is served with the papers as required by law. Once this is done, you can sit back and let your attorney handle everything else. Of course, they’ll need your input when it comes to the marital settlement agreement. But you can count on them to do all the back and forth with your spouse’s attorney.

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