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Can I Change the Locks? Who Gets the House?



The marital home can be one of the most valuable assets a divorcing couple owns, both from a financial and an emotional standpoint. As a result, the marital residence can become a source of contention in divorce proceedings. Even in community property states like Arizona, it is rare for a divorce court to simply order […]

What is Civil Contempt?

A Primer on Civil Contempt


Contempt proceedings are one of the primary methods through which the court is able to enforce its orders and decisions in family law cases. When a party does not protect marital assets or community property as directed, refuses to follow the visitation schedule set up by the court, or does not […]

Show Me the Money! Tips for Splitting your Debt in Divorce

Introduction to Debts and Divorce

man signs his divorce documentsIn a divorce, when speaking of “division” most people think of the assets and property the couple has acquired during the marriage. Of course, a court presiding over a divorce case will divide the property of the couple according […]

Steps in an Uncontested Divorce


divorce or marriageIn our modern culture “divorce” has lost much of the stigma that previous generations had attached to it. No longer is divorce seen as a moral failing, something to be avoided at all costs. Instead, many people see divorce as a smart and sensible solution […]

Why You Need to Stay Involved in Your Children’s Lives After Divorce

top 3 reasons to stay involved in your children's lives after divorce

Top 3 Reasons You Need to Stay Involved in Your Children’s Lives After Divorce

Children are often viewed as the “innocent casualties” of a divorce. When a couple who has children decides to divorce, children may be intentionally […]

Injunctions against Harassment

In Arizona, a person may seek an Injunction to enjoin (stop) another person from committing acts of harassing nature. Unlike Orders of Protection, there is no relationship requirement that must be determined as between plaintiff and defendant.

When an injunction against harassment is filed, a judicial officer must first conduct an individual hearing with the requesting […]

Pretrial Statement? What Arizona Family Courts Expect

In Arizona Family court cases, unless instructed otherwise by the Court each side to a case must submit a Pretrial Statement not later than twenty (20) days prior to Trial.  The Pretrial Statement may be joint or separate, except that if there has been domestic violence between unrepresented parties, the parties shall file separate statements.

Whether […]

Resolution Management Conferences

In Arizona family Court cases, after the initial petition is served and a response filed, often within sixty (60) days the Court will schedule the first hearing, which may be called a Resolution Management Conference.

Prior to attending a Resolution Management Conference there are certain things one should know- that being that at this Conference the Court may […]

Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation or Annulment in Arizona – Necessary Jurisdiction

Arizona requires a number of “jurisdictional” requirements t be met before the will issue a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation or Annulment. This post is not necessarily meant to include every requirement, but instead outline certain mandates that people often overlook.

First, the Court cannot grant any of the Decree’s set forth above unless at […]

Getting Divorced Before Filing Bankruptcy?

Are there any issues with getting divorced before filing bankruptcy?

by Christopher Ariano, a divorce lawyer in Phoenix and Tucson

A bankruptcy can affect both you and your spouse. A petition to file bankruptcy is viewed as a fresh start for many people because you can either discharge your debt or create a […]

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