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Missing Your Divorce Court Date in Arizona

Missing Your Divorce Court Date in Arizona: The Consequences

Divorce is challenging and many couples find it impossible to agree on all aspects of the separation. This is when a court date will have to be scheduled for the purpose of resolving those issues. Imagine the following scenario – you’ve hired an attorney, you know what you […]

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

The end of a marriage is painful, often agonizing. Going through a divorce adds insult to injury. Most people dread the procedure, especially because they know it could take a long time. Divorce in Arizona can be uncomplicated if the couple is going through uncontested […]

Dividing a Business During an Arizona Divorce

Dividing a Business during an Arizona Divorce

If you are a business owner, you probably worry about complications during a divorce. While most Arizona judges do favor clean and uncomplicated property divisions, there could be some situations that will make things a bit more difficult. Find out about dividing a business during an Arizona divorce.

Ways in Which […]

Who Gets the Family House in an Arizona Divorce?

Factors that Determine Who Gets the Family House in an Arizona Divorce

The family home is probably one of the most prominent symbols of the lasting union between two people. This is why letting go of the house in divorce proceedings can be equally hard for both spouses. Who gets the family house in an Arizona divorce […]

How Expensive is it to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

How Expensive is it to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

Going through a divorce is stressful enough on its own but when you add financial questions to the equation, things can get even more troublesome. Most people going through a divorce in Arizona worry about the financial repercussions. There will be filing fees, attorney charges and […]

Differences Between Divorce and Legal Separation in Arizona

The Main Differences between Divorce and Legal Separation in Arizona

Arizona gives couples who are having trouble in their relationship two opportunities – legal separation and divorce. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the differences between divorce and legal separation in Arizona.

A legal separation doesn’t […]

Ending a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union

Introduction to Ending a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union

Just like marriages, domestic partnerships and civil unions can and do come to an end. The process for ending a domestic partnership or civil union has similarities to a standard divorce proceeding, but there are some variations on that process as well.

Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions Generally […]

Can Family Law Court Refuse Mediation Agreement?

Can a Family Law Court Set Aside a Mediated Agreement?

couple in mediationMany family law courts encourage or require parties involved in divorce or child custody cases to attempt to settle their differences through mediation. Courts tend to prefer when parties are able to reach a mediated agreement […]

Can a Secret Recording be Used in a Divorce Case?

Can I Use a Recording of My Spouse in My Divorce Case?

record spouse conversationAttorneys understand that in the modern practice of the law there are very few “Aha!” moments. That is, it is rare for there to be a smoking gun or surprise witness that the […]

Alienation of Affection

Alienation of Affection Lawsuits


Adultery is no longer as scandalous as it once was. This is evident in the “no-fault” laws adopted by many of the states. Whereas in times past a divorce would only be granted upon proof of fault by one party or the other (like adultery), many states have done away with this […]

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