What is Civil Contempt?

A Primer on Civil Contempt Introduction Contempt proceedings are one of the primary methods through which the court is able to enforce its orders and decisions in family law cases. When a party does not protect marital assets or community property as directed, refuses to follow the visitation schedule set up by the court, or […]
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Couple meeting with divorce attorney

Steps in an Uncontested Divorce

Introduction In our modern culture “divorce” has lost much of the stigma that previous generations had attached to it. No longer is divorce seen as a moral failing, something to be avoided at all costs. Instead, many people see divorce as a smart and sensible solution if two incompatible people are married to one another. […]
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how does a father establish paternity how does a father establish paternity

Rebutting a Presumption of Paternity

Introduction to Rebutting a Presumption of Paternity As desirable as it is for children to have a relationship with their parents, American law does not straddle a person with the responsibilities of parenthood unless there is sufficient evidence showing that the person is, in fact, the parent of a child. Where paternity is contested, courts […]
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Establishing Paternity in Arizona

Introduction to Establishing Paternity in Arizona In the time before the advent of paternity laws, bastardized children (that is, children with no identifiable father) and their mothers often occupied the lowest rungs of society and were the most vulnerable. Without a father or a male relative to care for, mentor, and raise the child, the […]
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Injunctions against Harassment

In Arizona, a person may seek an Injunction to enjoin (stop) another person from committing acts of harassing nature. Unlike Orders of Protection, there is no relationship requirement that must be determined as between plaintiff and defendant. When an injunction against harassment is filed, a judicial officer must first conduct an individual hearing with the […]
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