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What is an Arizona Parenting Plan in a Child Custody Case?

What is an Arizona Parenting Plan in Child Custody Cases?

Getting children in the middle of a parental tug-of-war during a divorce could be incredibly damaging. While it may be difficult to come to an agreement, most parents are keeping their children’s best interest in mind when going through the legal battle. So, what is an […]

Arizona’s Marital Presumption of Paternity

Everything You Need to Know about Arizona’s Marital Presumption of Paternity

Arizona is one of the states that have a marital presumption of paternity. This presumption means that children born to a husband and a wife over the course of their marriage are considered to be children of the father without further testing being required.

The regulation […]

Differences Between Divorce and Legal Separation in Arizona

The Main Differences between Divorce and Legal Separation in Arizona

Arizona gives couples who are having trouble in their relationship two opportunities – legal separation and divorce. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the differences between divorce and legal separation in Arizona.

A legal separation doesn’t […]

Same Sex Marriage Dissolution in Arizona – Tucson Divorce

Same Sex Marriage Dissolution in Arizona and Custody Considerations

Arizona is one of the states that have been recognizing sex same marriages as legal unions since October 2014. When such a same sex marriage dissolution in Arizona comes up, however, the couple will need to deal with a number of important considerations.

Parental Kidnapping in Arizona – Tucson Divorce Attorneys

Regulations Pertaining to Parental Kidnapping in Arizona

The unauthorized transportation of children out of the state by one parent is called parental kidnapping in Arizona or custodial interference. Whether or not it’s possible for a parent to travel with the children depends entirely on the custody order. In some cases, a custodial […]

What is Child Abandonment?

Introduction to Child Abandonment Laws

abandoned baby doll

The term abandonment can mean a variety of different things, depending on the person using the term. In the law, abandonment has a very specific definition (although it may differ slightly from state to state). Generally, child abandonment occurs when […]

Divorce and the Family Home

Introduction to The Family Home After a Divorce

Going through a divorce can turn a couple’s life upside down and lot of arguing can be involved. One point of contention in a lot of divorces is the marital residence. The question of who should stay in the home and whether the home should be sold […]

Introduction to Child Support

Introduction to Child Support Basics  

When the parents of a child are not living together, or the parents do not have an agreement in place for how to financially care for their child, the court can impose one parent to pay the other parent child support. It is a common misconception that child support is […]

Ending a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union

Introduction to Ending a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union

Just like marriages, domestic partnerships and civil unions can and do come to an end. The process for ending a domestic partnership or civil union has similarities to a standard divorce proceeding, but there are some variations on that process as well.

Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions Generally […]

Is Adoption Permanent? Can I Reverse Adoption?

Invalidating or Reverse Adoption

permanent adoptionAn adoption can be considered a “forever decision” in that, once finalized and approved, it is nearly impossible to undo and reverse the adoption. An order granting an adoption is usually the result of a […]

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